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Brand New Cold Storage

With the new-built warehouse located on Madison Street in Perth, Wing Hong has not only one of the biggest facility but also the most advanced meat and food product technology in Perth. We specialise both frozen and fresh meat product practices and procedures in accordance with all food regulation.
At Wing Hong Cold Storage, we utilise the capacity of the warehouse and the experience from operating food service business for more than 30 years. Not only do we offer storage service, we also offer smooth and reliable logistic service for our customers with loading and unloading product from the trucks and containers and transporting the product to where our customers desire to transport to.
Product integrity is one of most important aspects of Wing Hong’s production. Wing Hong are committed to providing a consistently good quality and safe product to our consumers. To ensure this, we strictly comply with food regulations and safety procedures such as AQIS that develops and implements policies to contribute to Australian import and export quality.
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